Uncertainty Hurts Applications Lodged BEFORE February 27, 2008

13/03/2011 03:24

 The latest update on high commission website indicates an application processing delay of 79 months.  But our experience indicates otherwise. Applications filed in 2004 were updated 18-30 months back, with no news thereafter.  Almost all applications filed 2005 onwards have already crossed 72 months and have not even received the updating request. Clearly, rest of the process is highly unlikely to finish within next 7 months. Our follow-up queries for some of the clients have received a standard response and offered no guidelines on planned action to clear the backlog in near future.



Topic: Uncertainty Hurts Applications Lodged BEFORE February 27, 2008

Date: 24/04/2012

By: asghar

Subject: pre feb 2008 files

Horrible, now that they are returning all those files dashing inhumanly hopes of over three hundred thousands people.

Date: 13/07/2011

By: sherry

Subject: legal action

if this is the case then a legal action should be taken from all pre feb 2008 applicants to resume processing of our applications

Date: 12/07/2011

By: priya

Subject: uncertainty

only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. it is painful 2 wait such a long time

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