No hope for older cases this year

10/05/2011 09:19

Mr. David Manicom said "Given the volume of intake under the first set of ministerial instructions, we will not be able to further reduce the inventory of older cases this year."

From House of Commons 
Mr. David Manicom (Immigration Program Manager (New Delhi), Area Director (South Asia), Department of Citizenship and Immigration):
    Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I want to thank the committee for inviting me to speak.
    My name is David Manicom, and I am Program Manager of the New Delhi visa office, and Area Director for South Asia. I would like to provide a short overview emphasizing topics which I understand are of most interest to the committee.
    New Delhi is Canada's largest visa office, with over 150 staff. We are responsible for delivery of the immigration program in India, Nepal and Bhutan. A satellite office in Chandigarh processes temporary residence applications, primarily from the states of Punjab and Haryana. We operate a network of visa application centres in nine major Indian cities and in Nepal, to facilitate the handling of temporary resident applications. Over 90% of applicants choose to use these centres. On an average business day, we render decisions on over 500 applications —more than one per minute.


    While I understand temporary resident programs are not of most direct interest to the committee at this time, I do want to spend a moment on this topic, as it is important to understand the overall operation in Delhi, and how resources are managed.


    As has been the case for China, India has barely been affected by the world economic crisis, and its economic growth has continued at a rapid pace. Thus, our visitor, study permit and work permit programs have grown very rapidly in the past decade, roughly tripling in size. This pattern continued in 2010 with an increase of about 20% over 2009 volumes. New Delhi assessed over 93,000  temporary resident applications last year, and will receive over 1,000 passports on peak days.


    The program is highly seasonal. Intake in spring is more than triple that in January. We cross-train officers and inject resources from the immigrant units in order to remain current on all temporary resident business lines at all times. Doing so reduces the non-value added work generated by delays, and over time preserves the maximum amount of resources for immigrant processing. It does mean, however, that our unit, which processes skilled workers and investors, will have 13 or so officers in the winter, but only six in the summer.




   Delhi does high-volume processing in a high-potential value-added but high-risk environment, where fraud is endemic. To deal with that situation, we have developed several innovative programs where we work closely with stakeholders to manage risk and facilitate low-risk travellers.


    For example, our business express program, in cooperation with about 55 large and reliable firms doing regular business in Canada, provides simplified documentation, 24- to 48-hour processing, and an approval rate of over 98%. We think that's important to help Canada meet its objective of dramatically increasing trade with India as India evolves into an economic global power. By streaming these applications separately, we also realize internal efficiencies, conserving our resources for in-depth review of higher-risk cases.


    Our student partners program, inaugurated in New Delhi in 2009, and now with 40 participating community colleges, has succeeded in significantly improving approval rates, quadrupling application volumes and permits issued, while managing risk through stricter documentation and feedback information on actual attendance by the schools.


     In each of our temporary resident business lines, processing times are falling and are faster than the global norm. For example, 88% of all visitor visa applications are finalized within one week, and over a third of them within two days.


    With regard to permanent residents, India has been Canada's second-largest source of permanent residents in recent years. New Delhi issued over 25,000 permanent resident visas last year. New Delhi has by far Canada's largest family class program and also, unfortunately, the largest inventory of economic category applications.


    New Delhi issues about 20% of the global family class visas each year. In our priority category, spouses and dependent children, we finalize 80% of cases within six months and the median is four months.


    In the parents and grandparents category, output is managed globally. We process sufficient cases each year to meet the objective assigned to the office. Current processing time at the office is 30 months. This does not include sponsorship time at CPC Mississauga.


    The primary challenge in the sponsored spouses program is determining whether or not marriages are genuine. Marriages of convenience are common. However, the large majority of marriages are genuine, with about 85% being approved. The majority of cases do not require interviews. However, we provide extensive training to our officers on local law and custom, and if questions about marriages of convenience arise, officers do lengthy interviews to attempt to ensure there is a genuine relationship. We schedule interviews shortly after receiving the applications so that even cases requiring an interview are not significantly delayed.


    With regard to sponsored parents and grandparents, the primary difficulty relates to the misrepresentation of dependent children. Many families in our caseload provide fraudulent documentation showing children are still full-time students, or add unrelated children to their files. As applicants are generally elderly, these cases are also frequently delayed by complex medical conditions.


    New Delhi has the largest inventory of skilled worker cases submitted prior to the ministerial instructions. Significant progress was made in 2008-09 in reducing the pre-2008 inventory from over 140,000 persons to about 99,000 today, a decrease of over 30%. The processing time for these cases continues to lengthen, and was at 82 months in 2010. For all but a few months of that time, the cases are not in active process, but consume resources through managing correspondence. Owing to the number of new cases submitted under ministerial instructions, we processed few old inventory cases in 2010.


    Indian nationals are the highest-volume applicants under the current ministerial instructions. At the present time, we are devoting all available resources to the quick processing of new cases received pursuant to Bill C-50. In 2010 we finalized 80% of all these cases within 10 months. Given the volume of intake under the first set of ministerial instructions, we will not be able to further reduce the inventory of older cases this year.


    New Delhi issued over 11,900 skilled worker visas in 2010, an increase from about 8,300 in 2009.


Topic: Really bad news for New Delhi applicants

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Date: 17/11/2011

By: alex

Subject: backlog

I am applicant of June 2005 from chc new delhi still waiting. When i applied i was in my mid 20s still waitnig. will it come or not u tell me what is my mistake.


Date: 10/09/2011

By: Neelam Mohanty

Subject: Transit Visa

Dear Mr. Manicom,

I understand the backlog of cases but would really appreciate your help here. My parents are going to travel to the US to visit me on the 19th of September. Their flight is via Toronto. They had applied for a transit visa on the 17th of August. So far they have not received any response from the Canadian High Commission in New Delhi. They have sent numerous emails and faxes with all of the details in August but have not received even a single flight. Now they are personally planning to travle on the 12th of September to New Delhi from Jaipur. We would like to get the passports back so that we can rebook their flight without having to pass through Toronto. On the phone, the Canadian High Commission refuses to entertain any information. This was a simple matter of a transit visa which was supposed to take 3-5 business days. Is there any way that you can help? Their details are :

Govind Ram Sharda DOB: 10th January 1945
Neeta Sharda DOB: 1st Aug 1949

Date: 10/09/2011

By: Govind Ram sharda

Subject: Re: Transit Visa

We sent the applications on 20.8.11 which reached them on 22.8.11. Our PP Nos. are E3530315 (Neeta Sharda) and E3530716 (Govind Ram Sharda) . We have not received even a single response so far ( Not single flight).

Date: 17/08/2011


Subject: 2005 CASES

Hon-David Manicom
Minister and Immigration Program Manager
Area Director, South Asia
Canadian High Commission, New Delhi

Sir, I had applied for immigration under PNP in 2005 and got file no in april 2005.Till now nothing is heard from CHC New delhi.I want to know whether 2005 cases will taken this year.Please reply

Date: 23/08/2011


Subject: Re: 2007CASES


Date: 17/07/2011

By: NKacharya

Subject: wait time

I have applied for PR on September 2006. Should I expect to land in Canada after 84 months ( i.e 2013 September). it is too boring for waiting such a long time.

Date: 09/07/2011

By: nandini

Subject: clearing of backlog

honorable Mr. David Manicom , it is very saddening for pre feb. 2008 applicants especially for those who had sent updated documents for more than 2 years. I am also among them. after updation how it can be sooooooooooo tardy. SIR u a it is learnt that you are a poet and novelist also. i think you can understand feelings of people. nobody can sense it vicariously than more than a poet or novelist. please give consideration to files who had sent updated documents after chc' letters.

i think one should not be tooo verbose when addressing a person having good attributes like you

Date: 08/07/2011

By: backlogged cases

Subject: unending harrowing wait

it was much talked about fair and justice policy of canada. but these days they r just talks. nobdy bothers about our sufferings of unending wait. is chc not aware how situation should be dealt least applicants who had sent updated papers should dealt like fast track.
why new applicants r given priority . this is height of unjust

Date: 08/07/2011

By: oh god

Subject: backlog cases

honorable mr. kenney, in backlog cases who had submitted updated documentation on behest of chc , for more than 3 years. atleast their cases should be processed. for about 3 years after sending updations they are still waiting. nobody knows when justice will prevail.

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