Hundreds march against racism

23/03/2011 17:38

Speakers denounce genocide, occupation and Jason Kenney


Representatives from the Coast Salish Territories and the grassroots anti-colonial immigrant and refugee rights collective No One is Illegal rallied close to 500 supporters under the shadow of the Price Waterhouse Cooper building in downtown Vancouver. As the temperature rose and the crowd swelled, the scent of sage filled the air as First Nations members performed ritual blessings on the participants, all under the watchful eye of the Vancouver police.VANCOUVER -  Hundreds came out today to demonstrate in the spirit of acceptance and solidarity at the Community March Against Racism. The march came on the eve of the 51st anniversary of the Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa and in the wake of global political and tectonic shifts.

Once the march got underway, the streets were electrified with speakers and music. Organizers denounced Canada’s genocidal legacy, the occupation of Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s modifications to Bill C-50, the Live-in Care Giver Program and the $53-million budget cuts to immigrant and refugee servicing agencies. 

Announced in December, those changes empowered Kenney to decide who can and cannot stay in Canada, while the budget cuts were meant to reduce government spending and redistribute the "savings" across the provinces. 


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Topic: Hundreds march against racism

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