An Open Letter to Canadian Immigration Minister, Honorable Jason Kenney

14/03/2011 14:13




Canadian Immigration makes Pre- Feb 2008 applicants wait for 7 years 

 Applicants of June 2003 onwards still waiting for their visas as per CHC Delhi website.
 Applications from India taking double the time from those of China and other countries.
 New Delhi Visa Office  keeps on increasing pr
ocessing times endlessly for backlog cases.


Dear Honorable Jason Kenney
New Delhi applicants who had applied for immigration under Federal Skilled Workers Class in June 2003 onwards i.e. Pre-Feb 2008 are a harrassed lot. These applicants are now referred to as backlog cases. At the time of application they were promised to be served on the principle of "first come, first serve". Most of whom were in their prime youth and were promised that their applications were expected to be processed in the order of which they are received. However, Canadian High Commission, New Delhi  keeps on moving the goal post to the disadvantage of backlog cases by increasing timelines every time an applicant gets near to his month of finalisation. This has resulted in the lot of frustration, stress and disappointment among the applicants. Their lives are in limbo and can not  take important decisions in life because of the uncertainity at prevailing processing timelines.

There is a huge disparity in the processing times of various countries. For example for the Processing time of China and Malaysia is 41 months, Russia is 32 months and Italy is 30 months. Even Pakistan is 76 months. Why is India's processing time the maximum in the world with 90 months? Why are July 2003 applications are being currently finalised as per CHC Delhi website? CHC Delhi is processing December 2003 applicants since 2009 December and now with the increased timelines they will be finalised in June 2011 i.e. good 18 months to complete processing on one month of applicants only. Is this an indication of the future process timelines of the backlog cases?
Such long processing times dissuades legal immigration and creates a congenial atmosphere for crooked immigration Consultants and Agents to send people on forged and fraudulent documents illegally without waiting for such long times.
The two websites of the Canadian Government give misleading information about the processing time as they give two totally different time-lines for the same application category. Moreover, it gives an impression that the future processing time would be more or less the same as of past however when we submitted our applications the processing times were 33 months which have been extended every year to now 90 months and may be next year it would be 101 months. CHC Delhi does not even disclose the ratio at which the FSW quota is distributed among three categories of FSW applicants i.e. Pre-Feb 2008, Post-Feb 2008 and Post 26 June 2010. There is a total lack of transparency in allocation of visas among the three different categories of FSW at CHC New Delhi.

It is against the principles of natural justice to start two new fast track categories without finalising the existing backlog applicants. As the exiting FSW quota remains unchanged the two new categories are allocated visa from  the quota which would have otherwise gone to the backlog cases. This is gross injustice to the backlog cases who had applied in good-faith for permanent residence visa. New priority processing rules like "Fast Track" are expidited without processing the long waiting Pre-Feb 2008 applications. This totally violates the promise made to old applicants that the "applications will be processed in order they are received". Further, now that even the "Post 28 Feb 2008 Fast Track" with 38 occupation list has been scraped and there is a "Post 26 June 2010 New Fast track" with 29 occupation list, again much to the disadvantage of the backlog cases. It is unfair to penalise the backlog applicants for the changes to Canadian market needs of "in-demand jobs". The lapse is on part of Canadian Immigration and Citizenship which continued to accept applications and for which the backlog applicants 
should not be made to suffer endlessly.
At the time of announcing the most current Post 26th June 2010 immigration policy your Excellency had promised to be fair and do justice to the backlog cases who had been waiting the longes t. Your statements in regard to the backlog cases had been a ray of hope from among the dark clouds. Finally, the backlog applicants had expected that there was light at the end of the long dark tunnel. However, contrary to your statements CHC Delhi on 16th August 2010 infact increased processing timelines form 80 months to a massive 90 months for the backlog cases. How is it that Canadian Immigration Ministry does not have a policy regarding the backlog cases who are allocated the left-over permanent residence visa quota at New Delhi?
Dear Honorable Jason Kenney, on behalf of the backlog cases at New Delhi, we plead with your good-self to please look into the matter and do the needful. We have been waiting an unreasonably long time to get our applications processed. Our lives are in a limbo, whether it is investing in skills, property, busine
ss or even raising a family. It is your Excellency who has the power to change things to a positive outcome for the backlog cases. We hope that you will excercise your positive discretion on the matter and do justice to the backlog cases.
Many thanks for your patience to read this letter.
Best regards.
New Delhi Pre-Feburary 2008 applicants.


Topic: An Open Letter to Canadian Immigration Minister, Honorable Jason Kenney

Date: 18/05/2012

By: hellllloooo?

Subject: any one care in cic?

6.5 years? wth??? cic cant answer any questions , but they can sure keep sending repeat papers and subjecting us to more fees...... money grab ne 1?
few choice words.......!@!#%%&^*^$#@#$##@#@##$%$$#$$$$$$$$$? F-Q JASON KENNY AND YOUR CIC BULL. FKN. SHYT

Date: 15/04/2012

By: peter

Subject: injustice

I am a 2004 applicant, and I am totally dejected as to what has been done to us. It is really unfair as to make us wait and take other applicants who had applied long after we had applied. Kindly look into the matter with some consideration and start the back log first. Thank you in great anticipation.

Date: 06/03/2012

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Date: 07/02/2012

By: Anuradha

Subject: Waiting

hi....i have been waiting since 7.5 years since I filed for my PR under the FSW in 2004.I decided to come to Canada in 2008 on a students visa.After completing my course of study,I was unable to get a job in my field of expertise.I am just doing a very demeaning job.And then they say that Canada is a land of opportunity???????
I have also been unable to go back to my home country since 3.5 years as my work permit is never multiple entry.
Why this injustice????????

Date: 16/01/2012

By: Norbert

Subject: FSW

Why does Canada take so many Temporary Workers every year when there are hundred thousands of Federal Skilled Workers applicants in the pre C-50 backlog?
What is the use of "Federal Skilled Workers" application for then? Why not abolish it?Why make hundred thousands of people believe that they can one day come and work in Canada? Why lure them?
Pre C-50 applicants are being treated as nothing by Canadian government and opposition. May God help you out of this mess.

Date: 11/01/2012

By: A sympathizer

Subject: Hats off to pre c50 (backlog) applicants

Since my best friend applied for Canadian pr 5 yrs back, I have been following the progress of his application. Though I was not really keen to lose my best friend, he seemed so happy to move from our little island Mauritius to the beautiful big country, so “full of opportunities” for you and your family as advertised by all agencies dealing with Canadian immigration here.My friend and his wife had good jobs here but they wanted the best for their children and they believed that Canada was where they will find the “best”.. Today my friend received a reply from Nairobi office telling him that it will take 58 months to clear the backlog and that the processing times can be extended! He was requested not to query the office and that they will contact him if needed!!! What a shame and what arrogance!! What seemed to be a most beautiful dream has turned into nightmare for them.
I have been following forums on backlogs and I really feel sad for all of you. Canadian government does not need experts to give them the solution for this huge backlog problem.They should stop at once all new applications and clear the backlog completely immediately. My friend also applied as Federal Skilled Workers. He falls under the Administration category and for this category the cap is always reached even before you apply! Everytime he tried to fill in a new application and cancel the old one, he was told that the “cap” has already been reached!! What is this nonsense of taking new applications when you have hundred thousands of persons waiting!!!When they accepted your application fee, it was a promise they made to you.How can you all still trust people who have not and might never fulfil their promise to you?These people sitting in committees and meetings cant even see the solution of this backlog problem?STOP ALL NEW APPLICATIONS AND FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE LET ALL THESE PEOPLE IN BACKLOG ENTER CANADA.There are more FSW applicants in the backlog than you need? Then whose fault is it? Theirs or yours…your incompetency and inefficiency?It is YOUR problem to see how to welcome these backlog applicants.Hats off to all of them who are still hanging on the dream (or should i say nightmare) to be one of you!!. It is high time that some humanity is shown from Canadian government’s side. Enough is enough!These people have waited for years and now they are being expected to wait for more years….that are the most cruel and inhuman things to do to another human being….

Date: 10/01/2012

By: Roby

Subject: FSW applicant 2006/7

I applied as FSW (simplified process) in 2006 and got file number in JAN 2007.At that time it took 18 months to get the visas.My family & myself were thrilled about it.. At that time, I fell under the occupation list from Canadian government and today also I fall under their NEW list of occupations…but still, we are waiting.
What I cannot understand is WHY am I waiting when those who applied much AFTER me are being given their visas?HOW can someone doing the same job as me get his visa when he applied AFTER me and am still lost in the backlog???HOW can Canadian Immigration system be so inefficient, weird, illogical, unfair and discriminating????
WHY doesn’t the Canadian government clear the total existing backlog of FSW first then accept new applications?There are thousands of people like me waiting from all across the world. WHY is this injustice being made to us?WHY are we and our family members made to suffer this ordeal?If it is all about money, then isn’t our money money??If it’s not then come on, Honorable Ministers and fellow members..have mercy on us…for once…give us our chance…don’t keep our future and those of our loved ones firmly closed in your hands…let go…give us our lives we are not living a normal life…this wait is killing us…..

Date: 17/12/2011

By: Fred

Subject: Stuck in the backlog...maybe forever :-(

True.If the Canadian Immigration Minister and his colleagues had enough humanity, they would cease the intake of all new applications and do justice to those stuck in the backlog. Apart from parents, grandparents and refugees there are so many federal skilled workers application stuck in the backlog, many many of them qualify for the latest occupations required by the Canadian Immigration...they have been made to wait for YEARS though they are FIRST in the queue!!!!! They do not have any idea when their applications will finally be processed. Unjust and unfair thy name is Canadian Immigration!

Date: 15/12/2011

By: Year 2007 Applicant

Subject: Best solution to clear backlog

Canadian government should have stopped taking new applications for at least 2 years and make justice to the hundred thousands of applicants by clearing and eliminating the backlog completely. Why is it so difficult to do?For what reason Canadian government is not doing this?Only because new applicants mean more money?Is Canadian government so greedy that they sell false dreams to people?So heartless and blind that they cant see the sufferings of those hundred thousands of lives which have been put on hold since years and years and years........??????

Date: 08/12/2011

By: helpless person

Subject: processing time

dear minister,
kindly let me know what process times u actually consider. i had applied in december 09 till now adate i had not recieved visa u cant imagine our lots of decisions r pending just coz of your side delay we cant even think for family plannings y u guys are giving fraud promises which u cant complete. Kindly do something your delhi office is useless they are just increasing processing times if canada is not intrested let us know there are lots of better places in canada warmly welcoming immigrants if u r not intrested or uncapable of giving visas then just give final decision dnt show false dreams

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